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What is the Tai Chi 30-Day Challenge?

This is an opportunity for each of us to do more to take care of ourselves. It’s possibly the encouragement we need to truly make tai chi a practice in our lives, one that has great benefits that we can take with us through each passing year.

We know how difficult it is to do something, anything, every day. We may know that it’s very good for us, but still feel like we struggle to make it happen.

If you accept the challenge…

Starting February 1, you will receive an email from us, each day, for 30 days with a little message of encouragement, whether it be a reminder of what tai chi will do for you, a small piece of wisdom from from tai chi masters and others who understand the practice of an internal art, or simply a “you got this” from someone who cares.

This is a guilt free zone

No guilt allowed here. You simply do your best. Make a sincere effort and if you find you reach the end of the day and it didn’t happen or you are too tired, give yourself a heaping dose of self-compassion and know that tomorrow is another day.

Anything goes

While it would be ideal if you can make it through what you know of the form at least once each day, if all you can do some days is the spinal wave while your coffee is brewing, or a few stretches in your office, at your cube, in your studio, or wherever, you can count that!

What’s the intention of this challenge

It’s not perfection. That’s a losing battle. But it’s doing your best to be mindful about tai chi and how you can begin to integrate what you have learned into your daily life. The hope is that you can start to carve out a bit of time, here and there, to develop your practice. The more you do it, the more you’ll want to do it.

Are you on board?

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