What some of our students are saying...

Ryan taught me everything I know about Tai Chi. He did it patiently, with humor, grace and forbearance. He is a wonderful teacher.
— Rodney Crowell
Since moving to Nashville from Seattle in 2010, I have wanted to continue with Qi Gong or perhaps try Tai Chi. Hard to find either of those around town until just recently. It may sound cliché to say this class has changed my life, so I’ll say I am altered by it - in a very good way. Ryan is an excellent instructor - knowledgeable, gentle, informative, patient. Also, this class is at a reasonable hour on Saturday mornings AND close to home. Love it all!
I was not entirely sure what to expect from this class but am so happy to have tried it out. Ryan’s pure passion for Tai Chi is contagious. If you have ever been curious, I highly recommend this class. There is no pressure for perfection and the down-to-earth atmosphere is a great place to learn.
— Randi S.
I really enjoyed Ryan’s teaching style. He was informative and his pace ideal for learning each move. I liked the deeper explanation behind the poses and found the class extremely rewarding and relaxing. I look forward to learning the next phase of the form!
— Mike B.
Tai Chi has strengthened me in ways I never imagined. Just returned from two weeks of travel which included some hiking in the Canadian Rockies. My back (which was fractured in high school) felt strong and didn’t give me any pain. I think that the stretches I’ve learned from Ryan’s class and which I try to do on my own every day are wonderful “preventative medicine” for folks with back issues. I am enjoying learning the Tai Chi moves which incorporate the stretches in a beautiful choreography of motion. I would highly recommend this class. I am 60 years old and have never felt better.
— Kathleen B.
Studying Tai Chi with Ryan is an ongoing adventure, one that helps me develop greater strength, balance, patience, and awareness. As a senior, these qualities are increasingly important in my life.
— Andy E.
Nashville Tai Chi & Wellness has added a very positive dimension to my life experience. From the breathing exercises to learning the movements in the form, my mind and body have experienced exponential benefits: stress and pain reduction, focus, coordination, and balance. Ryan shares his expertise in such an effective, thorough, and patient manner that one can’t help leaving class feeling better and blessed.
— Regina N.
I have really enjoyed learning Tai Chi and look forward to continuing with the classes. Ryan is a terrific teacher and not only does he teach you the form, but he also teaches you some of the history of Tai Chi as well as benefits of the practice. I find it to be very relaxing and a great stress reliever. I highly recommend this program! .
— Amber R.
Ryan’s great enthusiasm for Tai Chi shows in every aspect of his teaching. He’s knowledgeable and encouraging. I’ve been searching for an exercise that I like and have finally found it. Thanks Ryan and Amy.
— Barb W.
I had no idea how much I’d like tai chi or the qigong breathing exercises we do to open the classes. Ryan’s instruction in both areas really works for me. I have no patience for classic gym workouts, and I don’t practice often between classes, but I’ve already noticed in myself what I hoped to get from tai chi: improved balance and range of motion, and a peaceful path to mind/body integration.
— Jeff D.
This is the best way I can think of to reduce anxiety, improve balance and general health. Tai Chi seems so gentle at first, but it is making a big difference to my physical and mental health.
— Harriet W.